My teaching interests include comparative politics, game theory and quantitative methods at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

At UCL, I am currently teaching the MSc core course on ‘Public Policy Economics and Analysis’, as well as two undergraduate modules on ‘Political Economy’ and ‘Welfare Politics’:

Public Policy Economics and Analysis (PUBL0011)

Welfare Politics (POLS0028)

Political Economy (ESPS0015)


I also teach the political economy section of the ESPS core course: Introduction to History, Law, Politics and Philosophy (ESPS 0001).

I am generally interested in supervising undergraduate, Masters, and PhD theses (using quantitative methods) in any of my research fields.

The first lecture of this year’s PUBL0011 Public Policy Economics and Analysis course can be watched online here:

At Stony Brook University, I taught the following classes as instructor of record:

POL 101 – World Politics – Fall 2009
POL 103 – Introduction to Comparative Politics – Fall 2010, Spring 2011
POL 201 – Introduction to Statistical Methods in Political Science – Summer & Fall 2011

POL 501 – Introductory Statistics for Public Policy – Fall 2011